Life Membership for Heron

6th August 2007

Red Beach surf club patron Bryan Heron was made a Life Member of the club at its annual general meeting on Sunday 29th July.
Bryan became associated with the Red Beach club in 1978 when he sponsored several training boards for the Nipper division of the day. He then followed up with equipment including rescue tubes, single skis, double skis and more Nipper training boards.
His company B H Heron Ltd gave massive support to the building of the new clubrooms in 1982 by donating all the labour for the roofing and the plumbing.
The very first Heron surf boat was given a champagne launch at Red Beach in 1988, followed by the ‘Flying Herons’ boat in 1995 and then the launch of ‘Flying Herons II” in 1999. To date there have been no less than six Red Beach boats which have proudly displayed the Heron signage.
The club now has in place, courtesy of Bryan & Pat Heron, the Heron/Red Beach Lifeguard Development Trust which will serve the club well in the years to come.
“Bryan has given the Red Beach club much more than equipment and a Trust. He has given our members, over the years, reasons to stay committed to surf lifesaving,” said club executive officer Ross Malyon.
“He has made things possible for the club to achieve, because without his support throughout 29 years there would have been much that just couldn’t have happened. Participation in the Ocean Thunder surf boat series in Australia is one thing that comes to mind,” he added.