Flashbacks …

28th October 2008

Series 2 … photographs from yesteryear.

1950’s Red Beach:  The beachscape featured on a colour postcard.
1978:  The start of the B H Heron sponsorship.  Bryan Heron, standing at left, made a presentation of two rescue skis to Red Beach club captain John Glover while surrounded by some of the club’s Nipper members.   Thus began a remarkable era of Heron sponsorship which flourishes to this day.
1972:  Cyclone fury at Red Beach.  In the aftermath of Cyclone Carlotta which struck the country in January 1972, waves pounded the Red Beach foreshore, forcing the lifeguard patrol to close the beach for the period of the high tide.  Onlookers stood on the beachfront, watching the surging surf in awe.
The result of Cyclone Carlotta was a huge surf which formed 300m beyond the reef at Red Beach. The club’s surf boat crew launched “Miss Rothmans” and rowed out past the breakers.  Rather than risk being smashed against the rocks while returning to the beach, the crew put into Stanmore Bay where the surf was much more subdued.