Flashbacks …

4th November 2008

Series 3 … photographs from yesteryear.

1973:  The first Nipper members.  At the start of the 1973/74 season, the Red Beach club introduced Nipper members to its ranks.  Initially there were 20 boys aged from seven - 13 years with Gary Faircloth as their instructor.
At the time, the Red Beach Surf Club was an all-male domain. Female lifeguards were not part of the surf club until they were officially accepted as members by way of a change to the club’s constitution at the AGM in July 1974. The Nipper division was re-named the JuniorSurf division in later years.
1981: The demise of a surf boat.  Red Beach's surf boat "Blue Bonnet" met with a tragic ending while being rowed at the Auckland Championships at Piha on Auckland's west coast.  While charging down the face of a 5m wave and full of water, the boat decided it wanted to be a submarine and kept going until it met the sandy seabed.
The 'Auckland Star' evening newspaper ran the story and it was picked up by the Metropolitan Life Assurance Company who went on to donate a new surf boat to the Red Beach club. It was appropriately named "Metropolitan Life" and its launch coincided with the announcement of a $150,000 sponsorship of the Metropolitan Life Youth Programme. The sponsorship was to support the country's nine surf lifesaving districts with recruitment and training for Nippers.