Flashbacks …

18th November 2008

Series 4 … photographs from yesteryear.

1974 : The first female lifeguards.  Although the Red Beach Surf Club was founded in 1953, female lifeguards were not part of the club until they were officially accepted as members in 1974.
Pictured above, six of the eight female members who obtained their Surf Medallions in 1974 to become fully qualified lifeguards with Red Beach.  From left: Mandy Glover, Carolyn Hogan, Sally Glover, Ruth Mannall, Carol Harker, Carol-anne Clarke.
1950's:  Owen Chapman Carnival.  The Red Beach 6-Man Rescue & Resuscitation team being judged during an Owen Chapman Cup surf carnival at Red Beach during the late 1950's.
1972:  Surf boat launch.  The club's new surf boat "Schweppesmanship" being given a lemonade launch by the Mayor of Auckland, Sir Dove-Meyer Robinson, at a ceremony held at Westhaven on 14.11.72.
The crew, from left:  Terry Marsh, Colin Brady, Paul Ranby, Jack Young, Paul Von Zalinski.