Flashbacks …

22nd December 2008

Series 6 … photographs from yesteryear.

1958:  NZ Championships, Christchurch.  The fledgling Red Beach club, just five years old, was competing at the National Championships for the very first time. The venue was South Brighton and the club was there to compete in a number of events including the 6-Man Rescue & Resuscitation drill event.
The sea conditions were turbulent and most event finals were cancelled.  However, the 6-Man R & R final went ahead and Reg Harker, an outstanding surf swimmer, drew the marble to swim as the beltman.  There was a massive rip running and it was very cold.  Harker reached his buoy long before any of the other beltmen; two of the finalists did not make it to the buoys.
The time difference gave the Red Beach team a distinct advantage when converted into points. When all drill points were calculated, Red Beach emerged as the winner of surf lifesaving's blue riband event to take out the coveted Nelson Shield.
1958:  NZ Championships, Christchurch.  Red Beach's Reg Harker (right) has just completed a remarkable swim through turbulent seas to reach the marker buoys in the final of the 6-Man R & R event.  He prepares to step out of his belt and hand it to reelman Graham Wolf.
1958:  Red Beach's first New Zealand title.  Winners of the Nelson Shield for the Senior 6-Man Rescue & Resuscitation event at South Brighton, Christchurch.
Back row, from left:  Graham Wolf, Ross Warman, Doug Ellis, Roy Woodall.   Front row, from left:  Allan Anderson, Toby Mitchell (Club President), George Perry (Coach), Reg Harker (Captain). 
Footnote - The 6-Man R&R event has ceased to be a competition event in surf lifesaving.  It's final appearance was at the NZ Championships in 2001.