Red Beach lifeguards are head prefects

5th February 2009

Two Red Beach lifeguards have been appointed head prefects at Orewa College.
Sam Swaffield (right) and Britany Lloyd, both Year 13 students at the college, are the Head Boy and Head Girl respectively.
Both joined the Red Beach Surf Club during the 2007-08 season and have since obtained their lifeguard qualifications.
Sam is a member of the club’s U19 surf canoe crew while Britany (right) is in the U19 women’s canoe crew. Fellow crew member Calais Rata has been made a prefect at the college.
The club congratulates Sam, Britany and Calais on their appointments.
From Speedos to school uniforms: Red Beach lifeguards Britany Lloyd and Sam Swaffield are the new head prefects at Orewa College for 2009. Photo supplied by Orewa College.