Patrols personalised

25th November 2009

Red Beach Surf Club's volunteer patrol groups have been personalised.

The names of the club’s most successful competitors of the past few decades have been given to the club’s seven patrols for the summer.
The Reece patrol has been named after Hayden Reece who won nine New Zealand titles in his three years with the club. Reece is the only Red Beach competitor to have won the NZ Iron Man title which he collected in 1992.
The Harker patrol gets its name from Reg Harker who was labelled many times as the Iron Man of surf lifesaving in New Zealand because of his competitor prowess during the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s.
The Pritchard patrol is named after Scott Pritchard who heads the club leaderboard of NZ titles with a tally of 24 gold medals.
The Piper patrol recognises Red Beach’s most successful female competitor Kelly Piper who was prominent in beach sprints, relays and beach flags during the 1990’s.
There is also the Jackson patrol, named after the quartet of Jared, Adam, Jacinta and Anna, who collectively have 28 gold medals from the nationals. The Richards patrol is named after the quintet of Steve, Lance, Ed, Simon & Vicki Richards, all of whom won NZ titles.
And swimmer Tim Fitzsimmons, who won 10 NZ titles while competing for Red Beach, lends his name to the Fitzsimmons patrol.