Flashbacks …

22nd November 2010

Series 18 … photographs from yesteryear.

March 1981:  Every one an Iron Man!  Two well-known father-son combinations … the Kennys of Australia and the Harkers of New Zealand, each one of them an Iron Man in surf lifesaving.  From left ...
Hayden Kenny – Australia’s first national Iron Man champion when he won the title in 1966.
Grant Kenny – The first Australian to win both the Junior and Open Iron Man Championships at the same Australian Nationals.  While in New Zealand in 1981, Grant also won the Senior and Junior Iron Man titles at New Plymouth.
Kim Harker – An Otago Iron Man representative at the 1981 Nationals at Oakura Beach.
Reg Harker – Regarded in surfing circles as the Iron Man of surf lifesaving in New Zealand during his era.       Photo by Ross Malyon.
November 1972:   The Red Beach surf boat crew of the day in its brand new “Schweppesmanship” craft, competing in a boat race from Muriwai to North Piha.  The crew, from left: Jack Young, Colin Brady, Paul Ranby, Terry Marsh, Paul Von Zalinski.
Days after the event, the boat was signwritten and given an official launch at Westhaven by the Mayor of Auckland Sir Dove-Meyer Robinson on 14.11.72.
November 1972:   Following the official launch ceremony, the crew of “Schweppesmanship” took the new boat for a row through the Westhaven breakwater.
January 1975:   Red Beach club members who attended the Piha Lifeguard Training School held over four days, from left:  Ted Taylor, Geoff Small, Ross Malyon.   All are current Life Members of the Red Beach club; Geoff is also a Life Member of sister-club Collaroy in Australia.