Ribbon a fundraiser for Gallipoli 2015

18th August 2014

Gallipoli 2015 … you can be there by having your name on a special Commemorative Ribbon

The Gallipoli 100 is a surf boat event taking place in April 2015 and will involve around 80 surf boats manned by Australian, New Zealand, British, French and Turkish crews.
A Red Beach boat crew will be one of the crews to row over an 80km distance along the Dardanelles, Aegean Sea and the Gallipoli Peninsula. They will proceed to a landing close to where the ANZACs landed 100 years earlier. Read more …

Commemorative Ribbon

A special Commemorative Ribbon, printed with the names of individuals and families who wish to honour those who gave their lives following the Gallipoli landing in 1915, will be carried on the Red Beach boat during its journey to the beach landing and the commemorations.
The proceeds from the names on the Ribbon will go towards funding a new surf boat for the club. Read more …

Pic: Red Beach rowers carried out a Gallipoli training row along Auckland's East Coast Bays on Anzac Day 2014. The three-hour journey took them to Devonport in time for the Anzac Day parade and service. Crew changes were made at each of the stops.