Nth Beach crew wins shortened boat race

16th November 2014

Fifteen crews row the Puhoi River to Wenderholm

A North Beach open men’s surf boat crew claimed the fastest time in the recent Pub to Club surf boat challenge.
It was the first time that the Christchurch-based club has taken part in the event. Two crews from North Beach – the other an open women’s crew – flew to Auckland to participate. The women's crew rowed in a Clymer boat which is permanently stationed in Auckland while the men’s crew borrowed a Red Beach boat. Fifteen crews took part in the event which was sponsored by Bryan & Pat Heron of The Flying Herons.

Strong winds forced the organisers to shorten the race distance, normally 16km from Puhoi to Red Beach. The ‘cut-in-half’ course finished at the Wenderholm jetty, giving crews just 8km of rowing. On the approach to Wenderholm, wind gusts of 40 knots were encountered. Rowing the open stretch of water from Wenderholm to Red Beach was out of the question. One crew was seen to surf a wave from the finish line to the boat launch ramp.

For the race results and photo gallery, click here

Pic: Red Beach's U19 Doom Squad crew and the Muriwai Muscle U23 crew on the Puhoi River during the early stages of the race.      Photos by Ross Malyon.