IRB qualifications

9th December 2015

Three new IRB drivers, five crewmen qualified

Eight Red Beach lifeguards have recorded a 100% pass rate at an IRB exam held at Muriwai on Sunday 6 December. The club now has three new IRB drivers and five new crewmen.
“The west coast beach tossed in a 1.5m messy, choppy surf which provided good conditions for the exam” said IRB instructor Peter Kramer. “All the Red Beach candidates came through with flying colours.”
In total there were 6 drivers and 20 crewmen spread over several clubs. “This placed a big workload on Red Beach’s three drivers who had to drive for almost three hours each to help qualify the crewman candidates from the other clubs,” he added.
The club extends a big ‘thank you’ to IRB instructors Peter Kramer and Nick Saull who provided the instruction to the club’s lifeguards during a condensed 7-week training course.

IRB Drivers (3):
Rowan Gjaltema, Kees Kramer, Hayden Shaw.
IRB Crewmen (5):
Sean Casey, Keefe-Jordan Durney, Emma Hildesley, Kathy Kramer, Justin Vasiljevic