Club athletes revel in Mt Maunganui surf

31st January 2018

Red Beach athletes delivered some solid performances when they competed at the Eastern Regional Championships (ERCs) at Mt Maunganui.
They ran up 7 Gold, 7 Silver and 11 Bronze medal placings during the weekend of competition, finishing sixth on overall points from the 34 clubs which participated.

"It was a good weekend for our athletes to apply their surf skills in the challenging Mt Maunganui conditions," said club coach Jack Gavin. "They handled it well, showing confidence and great execution".

Pictured:  The Red Beach U16 Board Rescue teams which finished 1st & 2nd. From left: Patrick Makgill, Blake Readman, Flynn Southcombe, Kalani Gilbertson.

Overall Club Points (Top 12 Clubs):
Mt Maunganui (87) 1, Waikanae (52) 2, Piha (39) 3, Mairangi Bay (38) 4, Omanu (32) 5, Red Beach (29) 6, Papamoa (22) 7, Orewa (15) 8, Ocean Beach Kiwi (14) 9, East End (14) 10, Wainui (11) 11, Lyall Bay (11) 12.


GOLD  (7)

Open Men's Board Rescue                   Daniel Cairns, Jack Gavin
Open Men's Surf Boat (SC)                  Boomers crew: Shamus O'Halloran, Chris Carew, Hayden Smith, Jed Wright, Shane O'Halloran
U19 Women's Ski Relay                          Brie Downey, Jade Hughes, Ella Moratti 
U19 Women's Canoe (LC)                     Whales crew: Tessa Weston, Georgia Parker, Naomi Dyer, Olivia Falloon
U16 Men's Surf Race                                  Patrick Makgill
U16 Men's Board Rescue                        Patrick Makgill, Blake Readman
U16 Men's Board Relay                           Blake Readman, Kalani Gilbertson, Reuben Creighton


U19 Men's Beach Flags                           Rowan Gjaltema
U19 Men's Ski Relay                                    Kade Scheib, Sam Readman, Hamish Gledhill
U19 Women's Ski Race                              Jade Hughes
U16 Men's Board Rescue                        Flynn Southcombe, Kalani Gilbertson
U16 Men's Taplin Relay                           Patrick Makgill, Reuben Creighton, Blake Readman
U16 Men's Surf Teams                              Jonathan Selman, Patrick Makgill, Flynn Southcombe, Reuben Creighton
U16 Men's Beach Relay                            Angus Henare, Flynn Southcombe, Kalani Gilbertson, Patrick Makgill

BRONZE  (11)

Open Women's Beach Relay                 Lauren Johnson, Chelsea Grant, Sophie Hildesley, Freya Dooley
Open Women's Beach Sprint               Lauren Johnson
Open Women's Beach Flags                 Lauren Johnson
Open Women's Surf Boat (SC)             Jedeyes crew:  Grace Joseph, Jasmin Cornish, Danielle Ford, Rebecca Ash, Jed Wright
U19 Men's Board Race                              Kade Scheib
U19 Ironman                                                  Kees Kramer
U19 Women's Canoe (SC)                       Whales crew: Olivia Falloon, Tessa Weston, Georgia Parker, Naomi Dyer
U19 Women's Beach Relay                      Chelsea Grant, Brie Downey, Freya Dooley, Sophie Hildesley
U19 Women's Beach Flags                       Chelsea Grant
U16 Men's Ski Race                                     Kalani Gilbertson
U16 Men's Taplin Relay                           Flynn Southcombe, Jon Fortes, Kalani Gilbertson