Eastern Region Champs : Winners’ Gallery

31st January 2018


Our Golden Gallery features all the Red Beach winners from the 2018 ERCs at Mt Maunganui.
The club achieved 7 Gold, 7 Silver and 11 Bronze medal placings over the weekend of the championships.

Pictured above:  The Red Beach Whales crew won Gold in the U19 Women's Surf Canoe event (Long Course). The crew also collected a Bronze in the Short Course event.  From left:  Tessa Weston, Olivia Falloon, Georgia Parker, Naomi Dyer.

Winners of the U16 Men's Board Relay event. Fom left:  Blake Readman, Kalani Gilbertson, Reuben Creighton.

Daniel Cairns, left, and Jack Gavin teamed up to win the Open Men's Board Rescue event.

The trio of Brie Downey, Jade Hughes & Ella Moratti took out the final of the U19 Women's Ski Relay event.

For the second consecutive year, Blake Readman, left, and Patrick Makgill won the U16 Men's Board Rescue event at the Mount.

The Red Beach Boomers  won the Open Men's Surf Boat short course title at the ERCs for the third consecutive year.  From left:  Hayden Smith, Jed Wright, Mus O'Halloran, Chris Carew, Shane 'Bugsy' O'Halloran (sweep).

Patrick Makgill won the U16 Men's Surf Race final at Mt Maunganui.