Turbulent surf mars surf boat champs

5th February 2018


Heavy surf disrupted the recent North Island Surf Boat Championships at Waihi Beach.
The event was Round 4 of the NZ Surf Boat Series.

The Red Beach Boomers, in their first race of the day, snapped a sweep oar just 100m from the beach while heading for the marker buoys.
In Round 2, and soon after the starter's gun, the crew had a rowlock open up which made it difficult to control the oar it was holding. The Boomers then returned to the beach, calling an end to their racing for the day.

The Open Women's division attracted seven starters from an initial 10 crews. The one and only race was treated as a final in which the Red Beach Muzzies placed fourth.

Such were the conditions at Waihi Beach that no other Red Beach crews took part in racing.

For the full set of results, click here.