Hat trick for Rachel in Open Water Swim

12th April 2018


For the third consecutive year, Red Beach lifeguard Rachel Hare has won the 3km division of the club's Open Water Swim.  She has uplifted the Deyal Cosgrove Trophy for being the first female, without wetsuit, to complete the 3km course.
Swimmers had the option of swimming a 1.5km or 3.0km distance.

Two other club lifeguards were also successful. Kees Kramer (18) was first home in the men's 1.5km non-wetsuit swim. And Red Beach Rookie member Caitlin O'Reilly (14) was the first female to finish the 3km swim, with wetsuit.

It was the 29th year of the event which is organised by Red Beach Surf Club in conjunction with Roskill Master Swimmers. Near-perfect conditions prevailed for the swim although 24 hours beforehand it looked like a cancellation could have been on the cards because of the weather.  Adverse weather conditions on the original swim date of 11 February forced a postponement to 25 March.


1.5km Non-Wetsuit
Kees Kramer (20.52) 1, Paul Miller (28.59) 2, Gerald Collett (31.19) 3, Bradley Freeman (37.14) 4.

3.0km Non-Wetsuit
Gary Roxburgh (54.08) 1, Stewart Halliwell (54.57) 2, Dennis Grantham (57.15) 3, Rob Lorne (62.27) 4, Philip Wrigley (71.54) 5.
3.0km with Wetsuit
Mark Harris (40.52) 1, Wayne Jensen (44.20) 2, Mark Checksfield (50.51) 3, Peter Wilkinson (51.13) 4, Phillip Donnelly (57.42) 5, Andrew Cave (61.35)
1.5km Non-Wetsuit
Hayley Jensen (29.15) 1, Robina Hewlett (34.34) 2, Fiona Barber (36.54) 3.
1.5km with Wetsuit
Kyla Steenhart (21.57) 1, Barbara Daw (29.58) 2, Carmel Dickson (30.54) 3, Deborah Shires (32.21) 4, Dianne Duncan (32.34) 5, Cathy Harvey (32.48) 6, Moira Lawler (35.09) 7.
3.0km Non-Wetsuit
Rachel Hare (38.30) 1, Rachel Richardson (44.12) 2, Raewyn Brown (47.57) 3, Paulette Tasker (52.33) 4, June Hart (54.58) 5, Sheryl Campbell (69.58) 6.
3.0km with Wetsuit
Caitlin O’Reilly (42.51) 1, Jessica Campbell (44.05) 2, Hannah Turner (49.15) 3, Thea Stout (49.17) 4, Georgia Reid-Akehurst (53.48) 5, Sharon Rae (57.08) 6, Raewyn Fortes (63.09) 7.


Laying the marker buoys for the swim course.


Red Beach Rookie members awaiting the start of the Open Water Swim. From left:  Thea Stout, Georgia Reid-Akehurst, Caitlin O'Reilly, Hannah Turner.


Swimmers await the starter's whistle.


Red Beach lifeguard Kees Kramer was first to finish the 1.5km swim, non-wetsuit.


Red Beach club members Rachel Hare, left, winner of the 3km non-wetsuit swim with Caitlin O'Reilly, winner of the 3.0km swim with wetsuit.