Junior boards gifted to Mangawhai club

21st September 2018

A chat at the end of last summer
between Red Beach club coach Jack Gavin and Mangawhai Surf Club’s Inez MacDonald has led to 20 boards being gifted to the Mangawhai club.

Inez, the JuniorSurf co-ordinator for the northern club, had mentioned the big influx of youngsters into their training programme and the lack of available gear. The club ended the 2017-18 season with 135 Juniors, double the membership of the previous season.

“We had plenty of gear and were therefore perfectly placed to gift the Mangawhai club 20 boards that were no longer in use at Red Beach,” said Jack.
“It’s always good to support the rural clubs that struggle with funding and buying gear. We are lucky to be in the position of having excess gear and we thought that gifting was the right thing to do,” he added.
“I have invited their Junior coaches to join our coaching development sessions at Red Beach and I’m in talks to organise a session at the Mangawhai club before the season kicks off.”

“Mangawhai Heads is in a building phase with its Juniors and we are extremely grateful to have the liaison with Red Beach,” said a delighted Inez.
“When the boards were dropped off to us this morning it was like Christmas and Jack was Santa Claus,” she added.

Red Beach hopes this can be the beginning of an ongoing and positive relationship between the two clubs. 

Pictured above ... Taking delivery of the 20 Junior boards at the Mangawhai Heads Surf Club, from left: Vanessa Fulton (Junior coach) and Inez MacDonald (Junior co-ordinator).

Red Beach coach Jack Gavin with Mangawhai’s Junior coach Vanessa Fulton.