25 more lifeguards for Red Beach

24th September 2018

The club’s
lifeguard numbers took another jump when 25 candidates obtained the Surf Lifeguard Award at an exam held on 22 September.  And the club also has a brand new Lifeguard Award Instructor in surf canoeist Georgia Parker who notched up an exam pass.

Of the successful Lifeguard Award candidates, the majority were Red Beach Rookies last summer and have since turned 14, the minimum age for the award.  They now move into U16 ranks. Three adults also scored a pass in the exam.
The club extends a big 'thank you' to Wade Downey and his team of instructors for the time they devoted to training up the candidates.

The successful Surf Lifeguard Award candidates are:
Greg Akehurst, Ethan Anderson, Caleb Archer, Mackenzee Armit, Ella Butler, Mitchell Coller, Hannah Corkill, Kyla Finnegan, Nathaniel Fitt, Kate Fortes, Nathalie Fuentes, Zoe Harwood, Matthew Hughes, Taylor Irvine, John Jennings, Coby Moratti, Jamison Morgan, Kayla Nicholls, Caitlin O’Reilly, Mike O’Reilly, Quinn Phillips, Marissa Porteous, Jamie Reid-Akehurst, Kate Rogers, Alyssa Waller.

Surf Lifeguard Instructor Award:  Georgia Parker 

Footnote:  Since 2011 when he began providing instruction for Surf Lifeguard Awards, Wade Downey has achieved 268 award passes for Red Beach. At the SLSNR Awards of Excellence Night held in July 2018, he was the winner of the Instructor of the Year Trophy.