Long Distance Carnival coming up

28th September 2018


The SLSNR Long Distance Carnival at Mairangi Bay on Saturday 6 October will launch the 2018-19 surf sports season. 
Competitors aged from 14 years through to Masters (30+) will take to the water in a variety of events.  The morning’s competition starts with a 2km beach run at 10.00 am and the wearing of shoes is permitted.
Depending on ages, ski paddlers will cover either a 7km or 10km distance. Board paddlers have either a 2.5km or 5km course to get around.
Swimmers are encouraged to climb into wetsuits to cover a 1.5km swim distance. Surf canoe paddlers have a 7km course to race over and surf boat rowers will compete over 10km to put their fitness to the test. Registrations are being taken between 8.45 am and 9.15 am.

2km Beach Run - 10.00am start - followed by:
1.5km Swim        5km Board paddle (U16, 2.5km paddle)
10km Ski (U16, 7km ski paddle)
7km Canoe       10km Surf Boat

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Pictured above ... the start of the 2km beach run at last year's Long Distance Carnival at Red Beach.