Oceans ’19 under way at The Mount

9th March 2019


Surf Lifesaving’s biggest youth sport event of the year – Oceans ’19 – is under way at Mount Maunganui.
It’s attracted 857 athletes, all aged 10-13 years, from as far south as Dunedin. Red Beach has fielded 66 competitors for the four days of competition running from 7-10 March.

The aim of Oceans ’19 is to teach the youngsters important safety skills through sport with the aim of them all becoming qualified surf lifeguards when they reach 14 years of age.

“These kids are our lifeguards in training. They are working up the fitness and skills to be a fully qualified surf lifeguard at 14 and this event brings them all together in a fun, safe, competitive environment,” explained Matt Warren, Oceans ’19 event manager.
“It’s the one opportunity a year for them to get together, compete against their mates, and for many – make new friends. And what better place to do that than at the beach,” he added.

For the Live Results from Mt Maunganui, click here

Red Beach Results from Days One & Two:

Akira Gardiner                       U14 Male Beach Flags
Josh O’Sullivan                     U11 Male Beach Sprint

Jakob Currin                            U14 Male Beach Flags
Mahana Demeuleester         U12 Female Beach Sprint
Charley March                        U11 Female Beach Sprint

Jasper Cornish                        U13 Male Run Swim Run
Akira Gardiner                       U14 Male Beach Sprint
Billie Harwood                       U12 Female Beach Flags
Red Beach ‘Red’                     U13 Mixed Beach Relay