More qualifications boost lifeguard & instructor numbers

11th October 2019

The club’s
lifeguard numbers took another jump when 14 candidates obtained the Surf Lifeguard Award at an exam held on 5 October.  And the club also has two newly qualified Lifeguard Award Instructors in Sam Goodare and Olivia Kayes.

Of the successful Lifeguard Award candidates, eight were Red Beach Rookies last summer and have since turned 14, the minimum age for the award.  They now move into U16 ranks.

The club extends a big 'thank you' to Megan McKenzie and her team of instructors for the time devoted to training up the candidates. Megan has taken over from Wade Downey as Chief Instructor.
The club has more than 20 candidates in training to sit for the award in early-November.

The successful Surf Lifeguard Award candidates are:
Jakob Currin, Emily Fortes, Sarah Funnell, Holly Goodare, Lynn Hargreaves, Reilly Irvine, Amy Law, Lucy Law, Flynn McIntyre, Alex Moore, Nino Schiltknecht, Teresa Sell, Ashling Shand, Joshua Young

Surf Lifeguard Instructor Award:  Sam Goodare, Olivia Kayes