Long Distance event to kick-start season

18th October 2019

The SLSNR Long Distance Carnival
at Orewa Beach on Saturday 19 October will launch the 2019-20 surf sports season. 
Competitors aged from 14 years through to Masters (30+) will take to the water in a variety of events.  The morning’s competition starts with a 5km beach run at 9.00 am.

The carnival will be run as a long-course endurance event – similar to the Mount Monster – with a run, swim, ski and board component. Individual competitors will have the option of completing between one & four legs offered.

Swimmers are likely to opt for wetsuits to cover the 2km swim distance. Board paddlers have a 6km course to race over while ski paddlers have a 12km distance to cover.
Large craft – boats & canoes - will have a separate course and will compete over a 12km distance.

Red Beach will have 13 teams and two individuals competing over the course. Teams will be mixed together with the club’s oldest members joining forces with Rookies.

Pictured above:  The start of the 5km board paddle at last year’s Long Distance carnival.

For event information, click here
For the course format at Orewa, click here