Another jump in club lifeguard numbers

3rd November 2019

The club’s
lifeguard numbers increased yet again when 21 candidates obtained the Surf Lifeguard Award at an exam held at Omaha Beach on Saturday 2 November. At the same exam, two club members qualified for Patrol Support status.
The club also has another newly qualified Lifeguard Award Instructor in Sean Casey who joins Sam Goodare and Olivia Kayes who obtained the award just four weeks ago.
Of the successful Lifeguard Award candidates, 11 were Red Beach Rookies last summer and have since turned 14, the minimum age for the award.  They now move into U16 ranks.

The newly qualified lifeguards are now eligible for the club’s volunteer surf patrols which will soon be operational for the summer months.
Patrols at Red Beach commence on Saturday 30 November. Patrolling at Pakiri Beach, an hour’s drive further north, will start on Saturday 21 December.

The successful Surf Lifeguard Award candidates are:
Emma Aitchison, Simon Bath, Max Bavage, Stacey Campbell, Jett Curteis, Samuel Fortes, Jelani Freesir-Wetzell, Akira Gardiner, Katrina Hall, Jessica Lane, Toby Lewis, Dominic Lowe, Jacob Lyndon, Rose Meban, Finn Mount, Ebony Person, Alex Reid, Isaac Reid, Nicolas Santini, Maria Sinclair, Maja Tyne

Patrol Support Qualification:  Jacolize Becker, Hannah Fagan 

Surf Lifeguard Instructor Award:  Sean Casey

Surf Lifeguard Award candidates at Omaha Beach for the qualification exam.