Athletes readying for Interclub carnival at Omaha

16th November 2019

Surf Sports action
moves to Omaha on Saturday 23 November for the Northern Region’s second Interclub carnival of the summer.
Red Beach athletes will be looking to make advances in their creditable performances in the choppy conditions at Waipu Cove for the first Interclub event.

Saturday’s programme is not dissimilar to that at the Cove. It features board, ski, surf race and Iron/Diamond events.  The only difference is with the Taplin Relay which will be an open mixed 6-person event requiring one male & one female athlete per discipline.  There will be separate Taplins for the U16, U19 and Open divisions.

Events for Masters and U14 athletes are also included in the programme.  Surf boat and surf canoe racing will take place in the boat arena.  The first event in each arena gets underway at 9.00 am.


  • Board & ski events will be run in a 3-race series format
  • Surf race events will be run as combined age group, 2-race series format
  • Ironperson & Diamonds will be run as single events
  • The Open Mixed 6-person Taplin must have 1 x M/F per discipline.

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