Red Beach, Rio de Janeiro

13th January 2020

Praia Vermelha (Red Beach)
wins over the tourists with its exotic, luxuriant and strange glamour. Surrounded by coconut and bamboo trees, this place is just another charming oasis of peace and calm in Rio de Janeiro, blessed with cacti, orchids, bromeliads and grassy bushes.
At only 300 metres long, the beach has its plaid yellow sand and gets the name Red Beach when the sand gets left with a reddish tinge. The water off Red Beach is calm, crystal clear and warm with a quiet and friendly evening breeze. The conditions are ideal for water sports, diving and fishing.

Praia Vermelha, known for its steeply sloping sands, is well sheltered at the foot of the Urca hill. It is found in a predominantly residential neighbourhood with an intimate small-town atmosphere. Boating is popular here.

The beach offers a stunning view of the Sugar Loaf mountain, named for its shape, which rises 396m above sea level. It offers a breath-taking panorama of Rio’s majestic beauty, with built-up areas nestling between magnificent bays and dazzling beaches on one side and abruptly rising mountains from the water, on the other side, in Guanabara Bay.

What attracts tourists to the area is the Rio cable car which runs along two routes; one connecting the base of the hill of Babylon to the hill of Urca, and the other linking the Urca hill to the peak of Sugar Loaf. In the photo, Copacabana Beach appears in the distance.
At night, Red Beach has its typical hype, with live music on the beach and clubs that cater to tourists.

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