Top performances by club athletes at ERCs

11th February 2020

A strong showing by Red Beach athletes
at the recent Eastern Region Championships at Mt Maunganui has provided encouraging prospects for the NRCs and Nationals coming up.
The club garnered 5 Gold, 17 Silver and 8 Bronze medals at the Mount which augurs well for the two remaining surf carnivals of the summer. The total medal haul of 30 – the club’s best effort over the past few years - eclipsed last year’s tally of 19 medals in Gisborne. It must be noted that no surf boat events were held in Gisborne.

There was an exceptional result in the final of the U19 Men’s Ski final when Kalani Gilbertson, Kade Scheib and Reuben Creighton (pictured above) finished 1,2,3  in a blanket finish, a feat never previously achieved by Red Beach athletes at the ERCs.
Talented teen Kate Rogers also had a successful outing at the ERCs, taking out 2 Gold and 4 Silver medals. Fellow club member Kalani Gilbertson came away with 2 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze.

Red Beach Placings at 2020 ERCs:

GOLD  (5)
U16 Women’s Board Race               
Kate Rogers
U19 Men’s Ski Race                              Kalani Gilbertson
U19 Men’s Taplin Relay                      Te Maia Pihema, Kalani Gilbertson, Patrick Makgill
U16 Women’s Board Rescue          Kate Rogers, Hannah Turner
Open Women’s Surf Boat (LC)      Danielle Ford, Olivia Soesbergen, Kathleen Oneroa, Zoe Turner, Tobi Noble, Jed Wright (sweep)

SILVER  (17)
U16 Men’s Beach Relay                         
Akira Gardiner, Jakob Currin, Ethan Anderson, Matt Hughes
U19 Women’s Beach Relay                Renee Benney, Jessica Lane, Marissa Porteous, Freya Dooley
U16 Men’s 2km Beach Run                 Jakob Currin
Open Women’s 2kmBeach Run     Jessica Lane
U16 Women's Ski Race                           Kate Rogers
U19 Men’s Ski Race                                 Kade Scheib
U16 Women’s Beach Flags                  Marissa Porteous
U19 Women’s Surf Canoe (SC)         Red Beach Ratbags
Open Men’s Taplin Relay                     Jack Gavin, Hamish Gledhill, Kalani Gilbertson, Patrick Makgill, Daniel Cairns, Sam Readman
U16 Women’s Surf Teams                   Kate Rogers, Hannah Turner, Thea Stout, Maja Tyne
Open Men’s Surf Teams                         Kees Kramer, Jack Gavin, Patrick Makgill, Dylan French
U16 Women’s Board Relay                  Kate Rogers, Hannah Turner, Ella Butler
U19 Men’s Board Relay                         Blake Readman, Te Maia Pihema, Lachie Nicholls
U16 Women’s Iron Person                    Kate Rogers
Open Women’s Surf Canoe (LC)      Red Beach Juices
U19 Women’s Surf Boat (LC)              Red Beach Valkyries
U19 Women’s Surf Boat (SC)              Red Beach Valkyries

U19 Men’s Beach Relay                             
Angus Henare, Ethan Anderson, Jon Fortes, Patrick Makgill
Open Women’s Beach Relay                Jessica Lane, Chelsea Grant, Marissa Porteous, Renee Benney
U16 Women’s Surf Race                           Hannah Turner
U19 Women’s 2Km Beach Run          Jessica Lane
U16 Women’s Ski Race                              Hannah Turner
U19 Men’s Ski Race                                       Reuben Creighton
U19 Men’s Ski Relay                                     Kalani Gilbertson, Kade Scheib, Reuben Creighton
U19 Women’s Ski Relay                            Jade Hughes, Ella Moratti, Renee Benney

Overall Club Points at ERCs
Mt Maunganui (157) 1, Omanu (75) 2, Mairangi Bay (65) 3, Red Beach (63) 4, Waikanae (60) 5, East End (43) 6, Wainui (42) 7, Lyall Bay (29) 8, Orewa (22) 9, Ocean Beach Kiwi (21) 10, Papamoa (19) 11, Otaki (16) 12, Whakatane (11) 13, Piha (10) 14, Opotiki (7) 15, Fitzroy (6) 16, Taylors Mistake (6) 17, Waimarama (6) 18, Westshore (5) 19, Whangamata (4 ) 20, Midway (3) 21, NPOB (3) 22, St Clair (3) 23, Bethells Beach (1) 24, Omaha (1) 25, Sumner (1) 26.

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