Age groups to change for Senior Competitions

13th June 2020

The age groups
for Senior Competitions have been changed for the upcoming 2020-21 season.
The changes will see the removal of the U16 age group and the introduction of U15 and U17 age groups. They will come into effect on July 1, 2020 and are the result of the member consultation process and consideration by the National Sport Committee of SLSNZ.

Under-15 AthletesSurf Sports

  • Can compete in U15 individual events only … no ‘racing up’ in individual events
  • Can compete in limited ski events e. Single Ski, U17 Ski relay, Ski leg of U17 Taplin relay
  • Can compete in the Diamond event only (not an Ironman event)
  • Can ‘race up’ in U17 team events only (no racing up beyond U17)

The National Sport Committee advises that there will be no U15 team category until there is evidence of growth in age-group numbers.

Under-15 AthletesPool Competitions

  • For individual events, the programme is the same as the former U16 category excluding the 100m Rescue Medley
  • There will be consideration on the introduction of a junior manikin to help with the transition from brick to a full-sized manikin
  • There will be no U15 only team category. Athletes can compete in U17 team events.

Under-17 AthletesSurf Sports
This age group will have the same programming as per U16 previously.

U11 – U14 and U19 -  Masters – Surf Sports 
There are no changes to these age groups.

Under-17, U19 & Open AthletesPool Competitions
There are no changes to these age groups.

Change to New Zealand Championships – 11,12,13,14 March 2021 
The 2021 TSB Nationals programme for Senior athletes at Ohope Beach will be extended to now start on the afternoon of Thursday 11th March. The Masters' competition will proceed as per previous Nationals (Thursday).


Article & photo by Ross Malyon.