Reunion for Red Beach surf boat rowers

14th September 2020

Red Beach’s surf boat rowers
spanning more than five decades will have the opportunity to rub shoulders with one another in November.
The club is organising a Boaties’ Reunion which has, as its theme, ‘Red Beach Surf Boats through the Decades’.

On the invitation list will be everyone who has either rowed or swept a Red Beach surf boat since the first boat made an appearance on the water in the late 1960s.

“Every effort has been made to track down the rowers & sweeps from the past 50-plus years and we’ve had a lot of success in locating them,” said former sweep Ted Taylor who is co-organising the event.
“We’re now in a position to make regular contact with everyone by way of flyers, emails, Facebook, and the club website to provide information on the reunion,” he added.

More than 200 current and former rowers & sweeps are expected to attend the reunion, to be held at the Red Beach clubrooms on Sunday 22 November from 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm.

Pictured above ... the club's new surf boat Schweppesmanship was given a lemonade launch by the mayor of Auckland Sir Dove-Meyer Robinson at Westhaven on 14 November 1972.  The crew, from left: Terry Marsh, Colin Brady, Paul Ranby, Jack Young, Paul Von Zalinski.   Photo courtesy of the NZ Herald.

The surf boat Penfolds Wines was 'launched' at Penfolds' premises in Henderson on 6 December 1978. The crew, from left: Peter Vandenberg, Bill Morgan, Alec Cumming, Ross Green, John Glover.

The launch of Flying Herons at Red Beach on 6 February 1995. From left: Clay Gallagher, Ryan O'Sullivan, Scott Cambie, Andrew Duff, Bryan Heron, Michael Danks.