Enduro fundraiser fetches $11,000 for club

30th November 2020

With the club’s fundraising plans
scuttled by the Covid-19 lockdown periods during 2020, the recent Enduro fundraiser at Red Beach was a shot in the arm for the club. More than $11,000 was raised from sponsorship pledges through the efforts of club members.
The event, held on the water on Saturday 14 November, involved the entire club, from 10-year-old Juniors through to Masters. Dress-up was the theme and colourful costumes were very prevalent.
The challenge for club members was to collect sponsorships and to complete as many kilometres as they could by running, paddling, or swimming over a set course, for either two hours or three hours, depending on age. Each participant was able to choose their discipline … ski, board, swim, run, or surf canoe.
The club’s Juniors paddled from 1.00 pm – 3.00 pm, while the Seniors and Masters were out on the water from 1.00 pm – 4.00 pm.

At a get-together in the clubrooms at the conclusion of the Enduro, prizes were awarded in each age division for the most sponsorship collected and the best costumes.

'Princess of the course' Ruth Kayes raised the greatest amount from pledges, a total of $1,400.

Senior  :  Most funds raised:

1st - Ruth Kayes  $1400; 2nd - Jack Gavin  $948; 3rd - Emily Lyndon  $605

Junior  :  Most funds raised:
1st - Millie Russell  $540; 2nd - Grace Giles  $405; 3rd - Hope Duffett  $360

Best Group Costume - Emma Giles, Teresa Sell, Maddie Rist, Aylssa Howe
Best Masters Costume - Brendon Rutledge-Malyon, Justin Savage, Scott Malyon, Rob Harwood
Best Senior Female Costume - Mary Kramer
Best Senior Male Costume - Dylan French
Best Junior Girl - Charlize Rolston
Best Junior Boy - Jack Rogers, Harry Short

The Behemoths canoe crew were judged the winners of the best Masters costumes.

Junior members decked out for the Enduro fundraiser.

Dylan French won a present for Best Senior Male Costume. He both swam and paddled in it.

Running along Red Beach for dollars pledged. From left: Kayla Nicholls, Jessica Lane, Kate Rogers, Camille Small.

The Fenn girls in their pink tutus. Judged the winners of Best Group Costume.

The start of the Enduro at Red Beach.