Club athletes tackle Ironman event at Piha

21st February 2021

Five Red Beach athletes
recently took up the challenge of the gruelling Invitational Ironman event at Piha. It was held in conjunction with Piha Surf Club’s Day of Giants surf boat classic in which 13 crews competed.
A total of 14 male athletes took to the M-shaped course in the sequence of Ski, Swim, Board with a run to the finish. They were preceded by the women’s race which attracted 10 starters.
Each gender division offered cash prizes of $2,500, with the respective winners taking home $1,200 each.
Competing for Red Beach were Jack Gavin, Kees Kramer, Reuben Creighton, Hamish Gledhill, and Alexsia Bingley. Kees Kramer, with a fifth placing, was Red Beach’s best-placed athlete.

Results – Men:
Paul Van Achterbergh (MB) 1, Taylor Chamberlain (TM) 2, Oscar Williams (P) 2, Tanner Baxter (Omn) 4, Kees Kramer (RB) 5, James Scott (Or) 6, George Wenman (Or) 7, Matthew Scott (Mid) 8, Reuben Creighton (RB) 9, Jack Gavin (RB) 10, Hamish Gledhill (RB) 11, Connor Beamish (MB) 12, Jamie Peterson (Omh) 13, Jack Dufaur (P) 14.

Results – Women:
Lucy Makaea (P) 1, Claudia Kelly (EE) 2, Hannah Williams (StC) 3, Olive Pearce (MtM) 4, Lucy North (EE) 5, Sam Rowe (MB) 6, Cassidy Coldicott (MB) 7, Alexsia Bingley (RB) 8, Sian Bester (Or) DNF, Cayleen Bester (Or) DNF.

Kees Kramer about to cross the finish line for a fifth placing in the Ironman Invitational event at Piha.

Jack Gavin at the start of the Board leg of the Ironman event.

Reuben Creighton at the halfway point of the Ski leg.

Hamish Gledhill at the halfway point of the Board leg.

Alexsia Bingley heads for the beach and the halfway point of the Ski leg.

The 14 Ironman contestants prior to the start of the event.

Article & photos by Ross Malyon.