Construction Photos

Work in progress at club ...

The following photos trace the construction progress at the Red Beach clubrooms. The most recent photos appear first.

Construction under wraps!

July 2015
IMG 7997
July 2015:  Above & below ... plastic shrink-wrap covers the section of the building currently under reconstruction.
IMG 8000
IMG 7979
July 2015:  Just prior to the shrink-wrap going on.
IMG 7996
July 2015:  The construction team at work.
IMG 7984
July 2015:  Above & below ... construction work as seen from the car park.
IMG 7990
Photos by Ross Malyon.

IMG 3367
December 2014:  Above & below ... work in progress on the extension above the IRB storage facility.
IMG 3369

IMG 3364
IMG 3379
December 2014:  Cladding under way on the south-west corner of the clubrooms. On completion, the lower level will become the IRB storage facility again.
IMG 8385(copy)
23.11.13 : The roof is now in place.
IMG 8361(copy)
The windows and doors have been installed on the upper level and a start has been made on the external cladding.
IMG 8366(copy)
Above & below: The lower level will be used for the storage of gear and equipment.
IMG 8373(copy)
IMG 8377(copy)
23.11.13 : An internal view.
IMG 8310(copy)
9.11.13 : This stage of construction shows the application of the building wrap. In these pics we feature the project from different angles and show the perspectives from the upper level. The sea view is great! Coming up next ... the roof, the windows and the cladding.

IMG 8293(copy)

IMG 8306(copy)

IMG 8298(copy)
Photos by Ross Malyon.

IMG 8245(copy)

2.11.13 : Building construction at the surf club shows further progress with the completion of the framework for the upper level. In this series of pics we feature the construction from different angles. The next stage for the extension is the roof, the windows and the cladding.
IMG 8240(copy)
IMG 8243(copy)

IMG 4110(copy)

Building 27(copy)

Building 26(copy)

Building 25(copy)
16.10.13 : The erection of the framework.
Building 24(copy)
10.10.13 : With the flooring now completed, the next stage is the construction of the framework.
Building 23(copy)
10.10.13 : Laying the floor of the new extension.
Building 22(copy)
8.10.13 : Completion of the mid-floor floor joists.
IMG 8206(copy)
5.10.13 : Building construction at the surf club took a step further during the first week of October with the construction of the mid-floor for the extension. By the end of the month, the framework will be in position and the contractors will have the roof on by early-November.
IMG 3692(copy)
28.7.13 : Above & below ... blocklaying completed and ready for a council inspection. The next step will will see the blocks filled with concrete.

IMG 3695(copy)

IMG 3697(copy)

Building 16(copy)
15.7.13 : Above & below, concrete is poured into the blocks by Mike Edwards of MC Concrete Pumping.

Building 18(copy)

Building 15(copy)
15.6.13 : The outer walls start to rise. Following the laying of the first seven courses of blocks, the cores are filled with concrete before blocklaying continues to the first level of the addition.
IMG 8037(copy)
11.5.13 : The last few barrow loads of concrete to complete the pour of the slab which will become the floor of the new gear storage area.
IMG 8025(copy)
11.5.13 : The concrete pour gets close to completion.
IMG 8009(copy)
11.5.13 : Greg Jelas of GBJ Concrete screeds the freshly poured concrete.
IMG 7995(copy)
11.5.13 : The pouring of the concrete slab.
IMG 8000(copy)
11.5.13 : A team of students from Westlake Boys High School helped out with the barrowing of concrete.
IMG 7992(copy)
11.5.13 : The pouring of the concrete slab gets under way.
Building 14(copy)
2.5.13 : Blockwork is completed prior to the pouring of the concrete slab.
Building 13(copy)
30.4.13 : The completion of the concrete pour for the footings.
Building 12(copy)
30.4.13 : Another barrow load of concrete for the footings.
Buidling 11(copy)
27.4.13 : Pile driving under way at the site. A total of 13 piles were driven 3 metres into the ground. Steel reinforcing cages were then laid on top of the piles.
Building 10(copy)
27.4.13 : Pile driving under way at the site.
Building 9(copy)
27.4.13 : Pile driving under way at the site.
Building 8(copy)
22.4.13 : The start of excavation work at the site.
Building 7(copy)
22.4.13 : The north west corner of the Red Beach clubrooms before the start of excavation work.