The Gallipoli 2-Day Row

The Gallipoli 2-Day Row

The sea journey around the Gallipoli Peninsula, 21 & 22 April 2015

Gallipoli(copy)In April 2015, ten Red Beach Surf Club rowers travelled to Turkey to embark on an historic row to commemorate the centenary of the Gallipoli landing by the Anzacs.

Using a surf boat shipped to Turkey for the event, they rowed from Eceabat on the Dardanelles, into the Aegean Sea and around the Gallipoli peninsula before coming ashore at Anzac Cove. Taking part were 26-plus crews including two from New Zealand (Red Beach & Muriwai), 23 from Australia and several Turkish crews, all making the sea journey over the two days of 21 & 22 April.

The course that the crews rowed took them past every major landing point of the 1915 conflict.  Read more ...

We take pleasure in bringing you the photo essay on the row.

Day 1

IMG 7336
Surf boats on the beach at Eceabat on the Gallipoli peninsula, with rowers awaiting the start of the G100 event.
IMG 7339
Unpacking the Red Beach boat which was shipped to Turkey for the event.
IMG 7345
Red Beach's 10 rowers get the surf boat into position in readiness for the journey down the Dardanelles.
IMG 7363
Surf boats on the beach at Eceabat, awaiting the start of the row.  A total of 268 rowers took part in the event.
IMG 7356
Red Beach's five female rowers. From left: Emma Stuart, Ashleigh Jenkins, Nikki Darroch, Zita Talaic-Burgess, Kelly Andrew.
IMG 7364
The first wave of boats about to leave Eceabat and head down the Dardanelles.
IMG 7370
The Red Beach rowers, using the Flying Herons red boat, left Eceabat in the fifth and final wave of surf boats.
IMG 7376
Red Beach's five male rowers. From left: Chris McCullough, Duncan Reid, Gordon Williams, Graham Paterson, Mike Smith.
IMG 7380
Paul Murphy, left, of Military History Tours, organisers of the G100 event, chats with Red Beach group leader Chris McCullough.
IMG 7386
Maori Television from New Zealand were present at Eceabat to film the start of the row.
IMG 7390
The Red Beach crew about to begin the row from Eceabat.
IMG 7392
Coaches were used to transport the reserve rowers and club supporters between the stopping points of the row. Note the narrowness of the road.
IMG 7394
The first beach to see the changeover of crews, a stopping point referred to as 'the lighthouse'.
IMG 7401
The interchange of crews at the 'lighthouse' stop, with the new crew about to head for Morto Bay.
IMG 7404
The finish line at Morto Bay with the imposing sight of the Abide Turkish Monument in the background, also known as the Canakkale Martyrs' Memorial.
IMG 7407
The end of the first day of rowing at Morto Bay where all surf boats were beached for the night. Rowers then travelled in coaches back to Eceabat to catch the ferry across the Dardanelles to Canakkale where the MSC Opera was berthed.
IMG 7410
Red Beach rowers at Morto Bay with the Commemorative Ribbon which was aboard the surf boat for the duration of the two-day row.
IMG 7315
The MSC Opera berthed at Canakkale. Everyone involved with the G100 event was accommodated on this cruise liner.
Photos by Ross Malyon.

Day 2

IMG 7414
At Morto Bay for the start of Day Two of the row around the Gallipoli peninsula. Crews had to contend with cold conditions and light rain as they prepared for the row to X beach.
IMG 7423
Australian crews await the starter's signal to depart from Morto Bay.
IMG 7420
Standing by for the call to depart from Morto Bay, from left: Mike Smith, Ashleigh Jenkins, Gordon Williams (sweep), Emma Stuart, Kelly Andrew.
IMG 0203
The crew heading out from Morto Bay, en route to X beach on the south western tip of the Gallipoli peninsula.
IMG 0220
As the weather fined up, calm sea conditions prevailed for the row to X beach.
IMG 7429
The changeover of crews at the tiny X beach, one of the designated beaches for the British forces landing at Cape Helles in 1915.
IMG 0223
Red Beach's all-male crew leaves X beach and heads for Kum beach.
IMG 7434
A rope was needed for access to and from X beach with its muddy and slippery terrain.
IMG 7447
Surf boat crews begin to arrive at Kum beach on the western side of the Gallipoli peninsula.
IMG 0230
Calm sea conditions prevailed for the row from X beach to Kum beach. Red Beach's all-male crew put in one of the fastest times for this leg of the sea journey.
IMG 7451
The changeover of crews at Kum beach.
IMG 0234
The men's crew arrives at Kum beach.
IMG 7457
A crew change and a departure from Kum beach for Brighton beach.
IMG 0240
Heading out from Kum beach for the row to Brighton beach, further up the western side of the peninsula.
IMG 0242
The arrival of boat crews at Brighton beach.
IMG 7466
All boats came ashore at Brighton beach for a crew briefing. The beach still has its pier.
IMG 7471
At Brighton beach, all crews received the news that for the next stop they were able to row into Anzac Cove and come ashore there. The original plan was to row past Anzac Cove and come ashore at a beach a bit further north.
IMG 0245
Preparing to leave Brighton beach for an historic row into Anzac Cove.
IMG 7557
Anzac Cove.
IMG 7488
Walking the length of Anzac Cove to await the arrival of the surf boats.
IMG 7495
At Anzac Cove, oars were raised in tribute to those who gave their lives during the 1915 conflict. The Red Beach boat is on the right.
IMG 0256
Oars are raised in tribute.
IMG 7502
The historic linking of Australian, New Zealand and Turkish crews at Anzac Cove.
IMG 7512
Turkish rowers proudly display their flag at Anzac Cove.
IMG 7521
Red Beach team manager & photographer Ross Malyon on the shoreline at Anzac Cove.
IMG 7526
Maori Television's Judy Bailey interviews Chris McCullough as several boat crews head up to North beach, the venue for the Dawn Service on 25 April.
IMG 0264
Red Beach rowers leave Anzac Cove for the journey back to Brighton beach. The surf boat has since been gifted to a start-up Turkish surf lifesaving club at Canakkale.
IMG 7538
Ari Burnu Cemetery, not far from Anzac Cove.
IMG 7544
The Red Beach boat crew rows past Ari Burnu Cemetery on its way back to Brighton beach.
IMG 7550
Turkish security on the road running past Anzac Cove.
IMG 7559
A plaque on a viewing site overlooking Anzac Cove.
IMG 7554
Anzac Cove as it is today ... exactly 100 years on from the landing by the Anzacs on 25 April, 1915.
Photos by Ross Malyon.