Training & Coaching

Sunday Training

JuniorSurf training is held on Sunday mornings.  For Tadpoles, roll-call is at 8.45am and training sessions run from 9.00 am to 10.00 am. For A, B, C groups, roll-call is at 9.45 am and the training times are 10.00 am - 11.30 am. For safety, each child must have their name checked in at the start of training and checked off at the end.  Please note:  A parent, guardian or caregiver must be present for the duration of each training session.

Additional training is available mid-week for all age group members holding 200 metre badges.  This is subject to coach availability.

Please see the Competition Calendar for carnival and training information.  It is important to check these dates a few weeks in advance in case of changes; they will be posted on the notice board opposite the boat ramp and on the club web page. In poor weather an alternative limited programme will be run.


The club is fortunate to have an excellent team of volunteer coaches to instruct members in the skills required to be competent and safe in the surf and beach environments.  Coaches educate the children in surf knowledge and techniques at a level suitable for surf carnivals.  Our coaches receive ongoing training to ensure that they are up to date in all techniques, safety and risk management.

Should you wish to become involved in coaching please contact the club's Coaching Co-ordinator Kevin Cornish for further information, ph: 021 280 2481.


Due to NZ Surf Risk Management Policy, all coaches and parent helpers must go through a police vetting process.

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Clothing & Equipment

Our registered club colours are Red, White & Black.  At each training session, members will need:


  • Red Beach Black club swimwear
  • Hi Visibility fluoro safety vest* (at all trainings & carnivals)
  • Red & White club cap** (for A, B & C groups at carnivals, and required for Sunday training for B & C groups)
  • Training cap** (provided for Tadpoles and A groups which are colour coded for each age group and given out when checked in at the beginning of each session)
  • Red Beach club T-Shirt
  • Black shorts (no logo)
  • Club rash shirt (optional)
  • Wetsuit for pre-Christmas training, it can still be cold (optional, not permitted at carnivals)
  • Towel, sun screen, drink bottle
  • Warm clothing - sweat shirt, wind breaker, beanie, polypropylene
  • A bag to carry personal gear down to the beach
  • Personal medication if required. Please inform your coach.
* Based on the recommendations of the event safety review, Surf Life Saving New Zealand has made the High Visibility Vest a mandatory item for all carnivals from 1st October 2013 and also highly recommended use for all training sessions. Therefore, the Red Beach Junior Club will be enforcing this as a compulsory item of clothing which can be purchased at registration and must be worn at all competitions and training sessions (including mid-week training).

No vest - no participation.

** Training caps are provided by the club for Tadpoles and A groups, to be returned to the group manager at the end of each session during roll check-off. A Red & White club cap must be worn at carnivals and can be purchased at the time of registration.

Club swim wear and clothing can also be purchased at registration and will be available at some Sunday sessions. Contact for more information.

All water equipment used in training and at the carnivals has been bought by the JuniorSurf division of Red Beach Surf Life Saving Club for use by its members.  It has been bought with money raised by club members through fundraising events and sponsorship grants.  It is the responsibility of each and every member that this equipment is looked after to ensure its longevity and importantly its integrity for safety.  Parents, we ask that you assist each week in washing and putting equipment away after each session.

Membership Responsibilities

Each child, as a member of Red Beach Surf Life Saving Club has certain responsibilities.

  • Attend training sessions on a regular basis, arriving on time
  • Wear club uniform when using the equipment (i.e. safety vest, swimwear and beanie) 
  • Attend JuniorSurf Carnivals for your own enjoyment and in support of your team. Your performance at these events helps your coach evaluate your progress 
  • Tell your coach if you cannot attend training and of your availability for carnivals 
  • Actively promote Red Beach Surf Life Saving Club with friends and others 
  • Support all Club fundraising activities 
  • Support your coach during your weekly training sessions
  • Compliment and support others on their achievements - be a team player
  • Treat all club equipment with care. Follow instructions on carrying, handling and cleaning equipment - and make sure all equipment taken out is washed down and put away in the correct way
  • If equipment is damaged, report it immediately to your coach or any committee member

Club Championships

The date for the Red Beach JuniorSurf Club Championships for the 2016/17 season is Sunday 11th March 2018. All children are encouraged to compete as individuals for the many and various club titles. 
To be eligible for medals and titles: A competitor must have attended at least five (5) Sunday training sessions, plus competed at one (1) Northern or National event (events not relevant for Tadpoles).

All fees must have been paid at least 14 days prior to the Club Championship.

Dispensation may be obtained from the Junior Committee if there are extenuating circumstances.

End-of-Season Prize Giving

The JuniorSurf Prize Giving date for the 2017/18 season is Saturday 7th April. Club trophies along with encouragement awards and recognition of fair play are presented. The emphasis is on the social aspect of the club and the afternoon is organised for everyone’s enjoyment.