Functions & Hireage

Availability for Hire

The Red Beach Surf Club is available for hire at the following times, subject to availability and approval by the Club Administrator:

Monday:          8am to 5pm
Tuesday:          8am to 5pm
Wednesday:   8am to 5pm
Thursday:       8am to 5pm
Friday:             8am to 4pm
Saturday:       7pm to Midnight

The club may be available for hire on Monday & Tuesday evenings, and during the afternoon on Saturdays, subject to other club commitments. Please enquire about this with the Club Administrator.

Alcohol & Liquor Licensing

Red Beach SLSC operates under a Club Licence and so alcohol may be sold to club members only.  Members may sign guests into the club using the visitors book, so that they may purchase alcohol.  The member is then responsible for the behaviour of their guests at all times.

If your event is going to be attended by largely non-members, we will need to apply for a Special Licence on your behalf, enabling us to sell to all your guests.  The cost for this is $70.00 and is payable at the time of booking.

Our Club Licence allows us to sell alcohol until 12.00pm and then requires the premises to be completely vacated by 12.30pm. 

In accordance with the terms of our Club Liquor Licence, no alcohol may be brought into the club at any time by the hirer, their staff or guests.  Any alcohol found on site before or during a function, which has not been supplied by Red Beach SLSC, will be confiscated and disposed of by the bar staff.


Red Beach Surf Club has a club kitchen which can be used by members during their function. You are free to choose whether you use a caterer or prepare food yourself.  The kitchen needs to be fully cleaned at the end of the evening, with everything used washed, dried and put away as you found them.
The Club has a resident caterer who provides a wide range of excellent options for all types of function.  Please ask the Club Administrator for more details.


The Club has a sound system which caters for CD’s, Ipod and also for music to be played via a laptop connected to our system via cable which we can provide.  This allows hirers a low cost option allowing them to run a playlist from their laptop through our speakers.

We are also a great venue for having a band or a DJ. Your band/DJ is welcome to come in before your function to set up and do a sound check, however access to the club needs to be arranged prior with the Club Administrator.

Clean up at the end of the night

At the end of your function, it is your responsibility to clean the clubrooms and leave them exactly as you found them.  This includes cleaning and replacing all furniture, removal of all rubbish down to the skip outside, vacuuming the carpet in the clubrooms and cleaning any accidents which may have happened in the bathrooms.

It is also your responsibility to return the kitchen to the state in which you found it.  The bar staff will take care of clearing and washing all glasses and clearing all bottles. If you would like us to provide the cleaning an extra charge can be arranged.


We occasionally allow members to hire the club for wedding receptions.  However, please bear in mind the following:

We are a fully functioning Surf Life Saving Club, meaning that from Labour Weekend until Easter, there are lifeguard patrols based at the club on Saturdays from 10am until 5pm.  They may at anytime be noisy using the quad bike and doing maintenance on the IRB engines and if the weather is not good, they will need to use the office end of the clubrooms and adjacent deck until the end of the patrol at 4pm/5pm.

The club has limited glassware, so if you wish to have water glasses/wine glasses/champagne flutes for a large number of guests, you may need to organise to hire these, at your own cost.  The bar staff are happy to help by putting hired glasses through the glass washer if necessary.
The club has limited tables and chairs, so if you require any additional furniture, you will need to organise this at your own expense.

18th Birthday Parties

We do not, under any circumstances, allow the club to be hired for 18th birthday parties.

21st Birthday Parties

We allow members to hire the club for 21st Birthday Parties.  We ask for there to be at least one sober, responsible adults/parent at 21st birthday parties, and for these adults to make themselves known to the Bar Manager at the beginning of the evening. Our Club Licence is strictly enforced and anyone intoxicated will need to leave the premises immediately.  The Bar Manager will call on responsible adults/parents to oversee the removal of these individuals from the Club.

For more information on hiring the Red Beach Surf Club, please contact:

Lisa Fellowes
Bar Manager
T:  09 426 5006
M: 021 885 493

To view the Hire Agreement Forms for print-out, click on the following ...

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