General Information


Surf Life Saving in
New Zealand


Red Beach Surf Life Saving Club is a member of Surf Life Saving Northern Region. Within the Northern Region’s strategic intent are the key goals of:

• Providing New Zealand’s leading aquatic safety service.

• Supporting Surf Life Saving using SURF SPORTS to provide recruitment, the retention of members and the development of physical, mental and technical ability of Surf Lifeguards.

For our club, this reflects our commitment to ensuring that New Zealand’s waters are a safe place for people of all abilities to enjoy by firstly, helping train New Zealand youth in safe water practices. Secondly, encouraging our members to continue their involvement with the club into adulthood as life saving guards.

Club Structure

Within our club structure we support two sports – Surf Life Saving and Squash. The Management Committee oversees the running of the club, with separate sub-committees for each separate division. Within the Surf Division we co-ordinate the activities through separate Senior and Junior divisions, both of which report back to the club’s main Management Committee.

Club Rooms and Facilities

The clubrooms include storage facilities and two squash courts. The squash courts are restricted to use by Squash Club Members ONLY.  No children are to use the courts as a play area.

Squash Club membership for individuals and families is available at a reduced membership fee to Red Beach Surf Club members. Contact Yvonne Dey, Red Beach Squash Club at 021 143 5772.

Surf Club members and their guests are entitled to access the club facilities which include lounge areas, bar, and large screen television (Sky Digital). Watch out for Club nights held during the season – all members welcome.

Hot showers are provided in the changing rooms. However, we request that the changing rooms be kept clean and tidy. Parents, please supervise your children.