Training & Coaching


The Red Beach Junior Surf Lifesaving Programme is designed to introduce children aged from four to 13 years to surf lifesaving. Our aim is to provide a safe, family-friendly environment for children where they can experience what the sport is all about, gain confidence and have some fun.

Along with teaching kids a range of skills – from swimming in waves to boarding and beach safety – we also introduce them to the surf lifesaving community with the hope they will eventually become a registered lifeguard.

Sunday training

Sundays are the foundation from which we build our basic surf and competition skills. The focus is on fostering an inclusive, fun environment that nurtures water safety and confidence. The club is fortunate to have an excellent team of volunteer coaches to educate children in surf knowledge and techniques at a level suitable for their age. Sessions are designed to fully involve all children, regardless of skill level  and surf experience.

The 2021/22 Surf season starts on Sunday October 31 and we have adjusted session times for the coming season to reduce congestion on the beach. With only three or four age groups training at the same time, coaches will have more room on the beach and in the water to run engaging sessions, especially as numbers in our junior programme continue to grow.

Sunday training times are:

Tadpoles (4-6 year olds): 8.15am sign sign in for a 8.30am start. Session finishes at 9.30am.

A Group (Under 8s to Under 10s; or 7-9 year olds): 9.15am sign in for a 9.30am start. Session finishes at 10.30am.

B&C Group (Under 11s to Under 14s; 0r 10-13 year olds): 10.15am sign in for a 10.30am start. Session finishes at 12.00pm.

For more details about what is taught at each age level, go to our Age Group Skill Levels page.

Mid-week training

While Sunday training focuses on learning surf lifesaving skills and having fun, mid-week training is designed for those keen to focus on surf lifesaving as a competitive sport. Children must be aged eight or above and have their 200m badge to participate in mid-week training.

These sessions focus in enhancing fitness and providing finely-tuned racing skills for all aspects of surf, including beach flags and sprints. The programme runs Monday to Friday and is designed on a skills rotation format so those with limited opportunities to attend get a variety of training sessions. There are also special sessions focused on beach events.

The coaching will be focused around sequential skill development, meaning all our athletes will have sessions planned and run at a level most appropriate to their current experience and skill level. The program is specifically designed with three levels of skill development:

  1. Beginner – Level 1.
  2. Development – level 2.
  3. Emergent – level 3.

The sessions are overseen by Red Beach Surf Club head coach Jack Gavin and a team of senior competitors.

The 2020/21 mid-week training programme will be posted once the season starts.

Summer holiday development programme

During the summer holidays, the club runs a Junior Development Squad, with training sessions each morning for those in B and C Group (10-13 years) keen to further hone their competition skills. It is a great way to keep the kids busy in the school holidays and there is a strong focus on developing team culture for the coming season.

Dates, times and costs will be advised at the start of the season.

There will also be a special two-day training camp for A Group children who have their 200m badge at the start of January. Details will be advised at the start of the season.

Pool Championships

During the winter, Red Beach Surf Club runs a Surf Lifesaving Pool Rescue Championships training programme for juniors. The sessions are for B and C Group (Under 11 to Under 14 age groups) and teaches all the skills required to compete in the winter Pool Rescue Champs events. 

The events are fun and involve everything from swimming with fins and tube rescues, to picking up and swimming with bricks and swimming under obstacles. You do not have to be a champion swimmer to participate – it’s about building swimming and tube rescue skills and maintaining friendships and fitness during the off-season. Find out about the 2021 Pool Rescue Champs Programme.