Surf lifeguard patrols are the core activity of all surf lifesaving clubs. A typical patrol at Red Beach includes setting up the flagged area for safe swimming along with testing, setting up and monitoring the communications and rescue equipment including the Inflatable Rescue Boat (IRB).  Each patrol ensures the First Aid room is ready for any emergency, and constantly scans and patrols the beach to educate and prevent injury/harm to members of the public.

All Surf Sports competitors (other than Masters) are required to undertake a minimum number of patrols throughout the season to qualify for competition. This ensures that competing surf lifesavers maintain their core lifesaving skills.

Equally, clubs are required to ensure that a good standard of patrol is maintained and this requires minimum numbers of lifeguards with appropriate qualifications, including IRB and First Aid Levels 1 & 2, to be present during mandatory patrolling days and times.  Club patrols are audited regularly by SLSNR and it is beholden on the club to present and resource its patrols to the highest possible standard.

Our patrolling members can be proud to wear their surf lifeguard uniforms and undertake their patrolling duties. They present a professional and re-assuring presence to beach users and the general public at large and are responsible for a number of rescues and many preventative actions at Red Beach and Pakiri Beach each year.

Patrolling Season: 2020-21

At Red Beach, the patrolling season is from Saturday 28 November - 28 March 2021.

At Pakiri Beach, the patrolling season is from Saturday 19 December – 28 February 2021.