Red Beach swimmers impress in Open Water Swim

28th March 2021

Red Beach Surf Club swimmers
were to the fore on their home beach in the recent Open Water Swim.
It was the 32nd year of the event, jointly organised by the club in conjunction with Roskill Master Swimmers. Entrants had a choice of either a 1.5 km or3.0 km distance over a rectangular course.

Patrick Makgill
(pictured above) swam impressively to take out the Deyal Cosgrove Trophy for the 3.0 km swim, without a wetsuit.
Over the 1.5 km distance, Chris Moors was the first male swimmer to finish, while Jen McDermott won the female division. Wet suits were worn by both competitors.
Meanwhile, Caitlin O’Reilly (17) swam home second to Coast swimmer Lena Hamblyn-Ough who took out the Deyal Cosgrove Trophy for females in the 3.0 km swim, without a wetsuit.
Caitlin’s younger sister Taylor O’Reilly (15) was the first female entrant to finish the 1.5km distance, without a wetsuit. She was followed by Erin Taylor who took out second placing.

The swim attracted 40 swimmers, a drop in numbers on previous years, however, this can be partly attributed to the postponement of the swim from 7 March to 21 March because of the Covid Level 2 restriction which was in force on the original date.
Warm and sunny autumn weather prevailed throughout the day, and a moderate ocean swell that sent waves into the beach did nothing to unsettle any of the entrants. Club lifeguards were on the water in two IRBs, on skis, and on boards to watch over them.

1.5km Swim 2021
3.0km Swim 2021

Chris Moors winning the 1.5 km swim.

Jen McDermott won the 1.5 km swim for females.

Taylor O'Reilly was first back to the beach in the 1.5 km swim, without wetsuit.

Caitlin O'Reilly placed second in the 3.0 km swim for females.

Preparing to set the course for the swim, from left: Tim Russell, Mark Blanchard, Peter Kramer.

Article & photos by Ross Malyon.